A US Fulfillment Company Gives You The Edge

Businesses that are located outside of the United States have a distinct advantage to domestic companies with their ability to manufacture their products far less expensively than we do in this country.  This is generally based on the fact that materials can be had for cheaper prices in other countries, and labor costs are lower due to the fact that employees costs of living is lower than in the United States, enabling businesses to pay workers less for the same amounts of work.  If governmental regulations are the issue, or simply that the differences in the economies of the two countries allow for this, at the end of the day the fact that an overseas business can manufacture the products for less cost provides the end consumer with the ability to buy it for less money.  If the products are manufactured at the same factory, and in one circumstance the product is shipped via bulk shipping into the United States to be sold through a US retailer and in the other the product is sold directly from retailers overseas, the US customer suffers an additional increase in price that is un-necessary.  If the US consumer can access the website of a business located outside of the country, they are typically able to purchase the item for a discount over the prices seen in the US, however the additional shipping charges that are assessed by companies like FEDEX and UPS to transport that product from the overseas warehouse to the  consumer in the United States adds to the final costs that are paid by customers.  This is going to generally equate the prices that are ultimately paid, and allow the United States retailer to make more profits on each product sold due to the fact that they pay bulk transport rates into the country, then a discounted shipping rate from their warehouse located within the United States.  Now, overseas businesses can take advantage of a new trend that is providing an edge to them over their US counterparts, shipping fulfillment from US companies.

Ship My Orders is a United States shipping fulfillment company operating warehouses on the east coast and west coast of the US.  Their service allows them to communicate with your website shopping cart, and to receive orders placed on your website in real time at their location.  They utilize their employees to pick orders from inventory pack the orders and arrange shipping transport from the same operators that US businesses use.  What this allows for is you to ship your inventory to their warehouse using the same bulk transport mechanisms that the US retailers use, then also utilize the same transportation services they use.  Since you are not paying for your own warehouse in the US, or employing employees that need to be managed from your location, you are able to only pay a small fee per order processed along with warehousing fees that are significantly lower than if you operated the warehouse yourself.  This provides you with the advantage of being able to charge lower prices for your products, and lower shipping charges than you would pay if you shipped from your home country.  Your customers will receive their orders in a matter of days instead of months, and you will be fully operational to sell to US consumers the same way a US business would.  All things considered, you now have the advantage, and can sell to the customers in the United States for lower prices than American companies can.  Contact Ship My Orders to find out more about this opportunity.