A US Fulfillment Company

Worker preparing goods for dispatchMany businesses located outside the United States want to sell their merchandise to US customers, and the modern developments of ecommerce and shopping cart software allows them to do so effectively. The problem is that the costs associated with shipping their merchandise to US customers from outside of the country will many times be as much of a charge as they paid for the order itself. This makes customers in the US quite unhappy, and they will many times choose not to use merchants outside of the US due to the fat that they need to pay so much for shipping and it takes so long for them to get the order. A typical customer in the US wants their order within a few days, and wants to pay the lowest price for it.

Ship My Orders is a fulfillment company located inside the United States with two warehouse locations in Nashville TN and Las Vegas NV. They are a specialized shipping company who works with your ecommerce software to process your orders from the inventory which is stored in their warehouses. This allows you to essentially act exactly as if your company was located inside the United States, paying the lower shipping rates that US businesses enjoy providing to their US customers. By allowing you to compete effectively on shipping costs, you will allow your customers to potentially enjoy lower prices by paying the loser costs of your merchandise. When the total order is not inflated with added shipping charges, you are able to sell your merchandise for a better price than a company located inside the US.

The way the process works is simple, the order gets placed through your shopping cart software and transmitted to our employees in our warehouses. Provided you have the items ordered in inventory which is stored in our warehouses, we process the order and ship it to the customer from the nearest location to their home, saving you money on every order that is shipped. This money can be applied to your bottom line as profit or can be passed off to your customers as savings, but either way your customers are delighted by the fact that they will generally receive their order in 2 or 3 days instead of weeks. This will cause them to continually order from your website due to the superior service and prices they receive. Ship My Orders helps you build your business while saving you money.

Our warehouses are located on strategic shipping routes within the United States, which allows your customers to receive their orders in less than 3 days when a typical ground transport f goods takes upwards of 5. There is a good chance that you will actually be able to provide better and faster shipping than even your US competition if their warehouses are located further from the customer than ours are. By using this type of system, you get the benefits of selling in the United States without having to maintain an office here, and in many cases that is all of the benefit you need to succeed.