American Fulfillment Company

Businesses that are located and headquartered outside the United States who wish to sell to customers inside the United States can easily do so through their websites, due to the fact that a website is accessible from anywhere in the world.  Your website will easily reach United States customers who can shop and purchase items using their credit cards, which will be converted into your own currency.  The ease of the shopping process has opened the United States up to merchants located in other countries, however there is still a major hindrance to effectively selling to these consumers, that being price and length of time to ship.  Customers in the United States can purchase your items and then arrange for shipping through your shopping cart, but are generally displeased with the fact that shipping charges from outside the United States are quite high, and will usually take an extended period of time to deliver.  US consumers are used to shipping taking less than 5 days total, and generally being less than 10 dollars, and anything over and above these amounts needs to be justified through a significant reduction in the prices paid for the item.  Once “total price” is compared to companies located inside the US including shipping, a potential customer will generally choose the company that will offer the best total price and fastest shipping times.  This fact will have an adverse effect on your return sales if not addressed through discounts on your prices that are significant.  Luckily, there is also another option aside from cutting into your profit margin through discounts.

An American fulfillment company like ours can warehouse your inventory inside the United States, then use our software connection to receive orders placed on your website in real time.  When an order is placed by a US consumer, we will pull the order from the inventory on hand, then use our own employees to pack and arrange for the shipping of the item to your customer using a shipping company that you specify.  This allows your customer to receive shipping rates and time frames that are exactly the same as if they were ordering from a business that is housed inside the US, and the only additional charges that must be covered are our fees for our services.  In nearly all cases, the ability to sell your items for lower prices than US businesses will more than make up for our fees, making the total prices paid by your customers to be lower than US businesses while still keeping your profit margins intact.  The total prices paid for the items can be lower than any domestic business while still maintain all of the benefits regarding shipping charges and time frames that domestic businesses have.  You can literally act as if your business is headquartered in the US while never maintaining a physical presence here.  There are no hassles with regards to employee management or warehouses that are requiring your local presence.  You sell the items, we get them to your customers.