The Best Business Decision You Can Make

If you are anything like most other business owners, you are probably looking for ways to save money, or at least ways to reduce some of the stresses of running a business.  If you operate in the ecommerce space, you might have gone into business for this very reason, realizing the by eliminating the need for sales employees or the physical space necessary to operate a store, you can both reduce the expenses that you would have as well as minimizing the risks that face any business.  As you take on more responsibilities in attempts to grow, you also face greater risks to the business survival.  Long term commitments may be necessary in order to reduce the amount of rent that is paid monthly on a space, but that very long term commitment is what can bankrupt a business if sales to not develop as needed.  The same is true for employees, you need to hire more staff to cover the work load of increased sales, but then if the sales drop you must cover their expenses.  These kinds of stresses make running a business difficult, and also are the majority of the expense that must be covered through product sales in order to stay floating.  What if we were to tell you that there is a better way, and there is a decision you can make that will allow you to eliminate your need for a warehouse and staff? What if there was a way for you to allow the website to sell the products, and someone else would do the fulfillment for you? That is the function of a third party fulfillment company like us, and we can not only bring down your costs of doing business but also reduce the exposure to risk that you face.  There are no long term commitments that would threaten your survival.  There are no situations that require you to increase staffing or not, our employees handle all of it for you while you simply run your business.

The way that our services work is pretty simple to understand.  You ship your inventory to us instead of putting it into a warehouse that you rent.  You will pay for the space you use in our warehouses, and then our staff will be the employees that pull the orders from your inventory and process them for shipping to customers.  Shipping is accomplished through the service you specify, and therefore will have the costs of that service attached just like if you arranged them yourself.  Our systems connect to your ecommerce shopping cart software on your website and when an order is placed we receive it.  We work with all of the major shopping carts including woocommerce, xencart, shopify and even kickstarter and services like it.  Once the order is received it is professionally processed and shipping is arranged.  Your inventory stock numbers are updated, and you essentially run your business just as you would on your own, only without the hassles of arranging everything yourself.  There is a better way to do fulfillment, and it is called Ship My Orders.