The Best Choice For Fulfillment And Logistics

If you operate an ecommerce business that uses the internet to sell your products to customers, chances are that you moved inn that direction as a means of reducing costs.  Internet based commerce operates on the premise that the customer does not need to physically touch the product in order to be convinced to buy it.  Through this process, ecommerce merchants are able to reduce operational costs by not employing salespeople working in physical locations.  By reducing the costs associated with operating a store down to nearly nothing, the only overhead you have is the operation of the website and the fulfillment costs.  Unfortunately for most merchants, fulfillment and logistics is the place that they cannot reduce the costs in the same way they did by going online instead of a physical location.  They still need a warehouse and employees to pack orders into boxes then ship them to customers.  While this may be a significant savings over a physical store, there are still the costs associated with the warehouse and employees that can hurt margins.  Ship My Orders solves these issues for you, and allows you to become the virtual shop that you have always dreamed of being.  You will no longer need to worry if the lease for the warehouse is too high, or if the employees that you have hired and trained will have enough work to make them economically viable.  It is quite costly to employ people and to speculate on the amount of necessary warehouse space, we do it all for you.

Here is how our system works.  You ship your inventory to our warehouses in bulk.  That inventory is then accounted for and put into our secure warehouses, in a space dedicated to your business.  You no longer need to rent an entire warehouse because our employees are responsible for your orders as well as other businesses, so you will only need to pay for the space you use.  There is no danger to your inventory because only our employees are within the facility.  We use a software system that connects to your online shopping cart software on your website.  When an order is placed on the website it is received at our central system and the order is routed to the warehouse closest to the customer.  Our employees within that warehouse pull your order from the available stock, then update the inventory system so that we will not run out of products.  The order is packed in your packaging and shipping transportation is arranged to the customer location.  You pay us a fee for the warehouse space used and a fee for each order processed, which generally works out far more beneficially than if you tried to manage your own warehouse and employees.  You also are no longer at risk of sales putting you out of business because you have signed a long contract for rent, you are able to scale your fulfillment up and down on a month to month basis.  When you are ready to take your business to the next level, use the best fulfillment company in America, Ship My Orders.