The Best Choice For Logistics And Shipping Fulfillment

Supply chain management, logistics, order fulfillment and inventory management are some of the most difficult tasks to manage in the modern business landscape.  Essentially, each of these specialized tasks takes human intervention, and most businesses find it quite difficult to automate them.  As a result, the current business climate that favors virtualization and cost reduction through innovation stalls at the logistics point, essentially being able to be fully automated up to the point of order shipping.  At that point, a human being must be called upon to pull the order from the available inventory, process that order for shipping in the method specified, arrange transport and then update the inventory software so as to arrange for inventory replacement.  While great strides have been made to automate and virtualize the actual shopping process using websites and shopping software, the human element is nearly impossible to remove completely from the process from that point forward.  Virtual stores and businesses have been able to shave costs down through elimination of physical stores and sales forces, yet have not been able to virtualize the process of fulfillment and logistics.  One step in the right direction has come as a result of the creation of order fulfillment companies like Ship My Orders, and we strive to provide an ability for business owners to come as close to true virtualization as possible.

The way it works is simple, your existing website has a shopping program integrated into it so as to allow customers to purchase items on your website.  Those orders are typically transmitted to an internal staff who then process them from a warehouse that holds your inventory.  You need to manage that warehouse and staff, complicating your process and creating stress with regards to speculation of future needs and sales.  We take all of that off your plate by receiving the order information at our warehouse, and we use our staff to process your orders for you.  The order gets placed on your website as it currently does, but instead of that order being transmitted to your warehouse staff it is transmitted to ours, where we route it to one of our two warehouses that hold your inventory.  You arrange for your inventory to be transported to our warehouses in Las Vegas and Nashville, and we decide which warehouse is closest to the customer that has adequate inventory on hand with which to fulfill the order.  It is processed from the closest warehouse to the customer to ensure the most inexpensive shipping charges as well as the fastest shipping timeframes.  The order is processed by our staff as though it was coming from your warehouse, using the shipping materials and methods that you specify.  You are then charged a per-order fee for processing and an inventory fee for the space you utilize in our warehouses.  You no longer need to speculate on warehouse sizes or staffing requirements, because we do it all for you.  As a result of this ability to only pay for what you use within a cooperative space, you will generally save money on the entire process every year.  You will also no longer need to deal with the hassles of employee management in any form.