Best Kickstarter Fulfillment And Logistics Company

Kickstarter is a place where ideas get funded, and where people who typically might not be able to get the funding necessary to launch a product will be able to find what they need.  In order to successfully use Kickstarter, all you need is an idea and an ability to execute that idea if the necessary amount of money is raised.  The typical way that those who fund projects are repaid is through products that they are funding.  This means that each person will contribute a certain amount of money that will get them a certain amount of product once the manufacturing process is completed.  The system works quite well, providing those who contribute with innovative products that solve everyday problems, while at the same time giving entrepreneurs the ability to get their ideas to market without the complex process that they used to have to go through, involving venture funding and bank loans.  While this is great for those who understand the process of bringing a product to market, and can be overwhelming for those with less experience.

Most inventors and entrepreneurs are concerned with the design and manufacture of the product that they are putting on Kickstarter, spending most of their time working out the viability of the process of manufacture.  This will get a product produced, but it does not adequately put together the rest of the pieces that are necessary in order for a business to function.  You may have the ability to get your product manufactured, but how exactly do you get those orders to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of customers who contributed to your kickstarter campaign?  You can either attempt to do it yourself, putting products in boxes in your living room, or maybe you will secure a warehouse space and hire employees to do it for you.  The problem with this is that you have no idea how many products you will sell after the Kickstarter campaign ends, and you will be required to enter into a warehouse rental contract that is probably far longer than your Kickstarter campaign.  You will also need to hire and train employees with no idea if they will be necessary in the future, or if you have a staff big enough to fulfill orders if you are successful.  Quite simply, if you do not have a system worked out that will satisfy these tasks, then you need our help.

Ship My Orders is your best choice for Kickstarter fulfillment, and we specialize in projects just like yours.  We will hold your inventory in our warehouses and use our employees to fulfill the orders that are placed during your Kickstarter campaign.  This will relieve you of the responsibility of staffing a warehouse and long term commitments that you do not know enough to make good predictions for.  We will be able to fulfill the orders placed during and after your campaign, and you can scale the operations as necessary in order to not spend too much if sales do not meet expectations, or scale up of they exceed them.  Contact us today about our Kickstarter fulfillment services.