Bi-Coastal Warehouses For Fulfillment Savings

So you have made the decision to outsource your fulfillment activities to a third-party order fulfillment business in order to save both money but also the hassles of running a warehouse and employees.  This is a good move because some of the most time consuming elements of business involve the management of warehouse spaces and the employees that must be used to get those orders placed and filled.  When ecommerce started it did so in order to reduce the costs associated with traditional retail, where customers were paying higher prices simply because they needed to cover the cost of lights, rent and utilities and employees who work the sales floor.  While this was successful, nobody ever figured out how to automate the process of order fulfillment in the same way that sales was able to be automated through a website.  Now, while the physical nature of back of house activities is still there we can further reduce costs by doing things cooperatively.  What this means is that by bringing several businesses together into a warehouse space, and by using the same team to fill orders for all of them, we are able to bring down those costs as well.  Many business owners are surprised by the savings they can see using third party fulfillment, all the wile also reducing the hassles that come with running that end of the business.

An added bonus with regards to using third party fulfillment services is that companies like ours can also save you money in shipping charges, provided they use a bi-coastal warehouse system like we do.  Instead of a single warehouse that services the entire country, we use a warehouse on the east coast in Nashville and a warehouse on the west coast in Las Vegas.  By positioning inventory in both these warehouses instead of only in one, we can effectively reduce the amount of distance that each order travels in shipping by about 3/4.  If a person on the west coast orders from a business that only has a warehouse on the east coast, that order has to travel the entire distance of the country.  That order will typically take upwards of 5 days and cost a certain amount.  However if you position that warehouse withing the middle of the west coast, chances are that the distance traveled will be cut in 1/4 and the charges reduced as well.  Through this simple positioning of inventory your typical travel times and charges are reduced on nearly every order placed, thus saving you even more money over time than you would be using a single warehouse fulfillment service.  Ship My Orders proudly uses a bi-coastal warehouse system, and can benefit your business with savings of these types as a result.

We certainly hope that you choose us as your fulfillment company, and we can assure you that we will continue to explore new and effective methods of saving you even more money in the future.  We are the leading choice in third party fulfillment, and are the perfect extension of your successful business.