Choose The Best Order Fulfillment Company

Ship My Orders is the best order fulfillment company in the United States.  We have been recognized by many organizations as one of the top companies in the US, and any of our customers will surely agree that our levels of attention to detail and customer service are unmatched in our space.  Let us take a few minutes of your time to explain what we do for your business, and how our services work.  We are a third-party fulfillment company, which means that we work for you to process the orders that are placed with your business in order to get them to your customers.  The process is not exactly the same for every business, as you define the terms that we work under, deciding which shippers we use and how the orders are processed.  Essentially, the process works by you delivering inventory to our warehouses in Las Vegas NV and Nashville TN, which we receive and move into our secure locations.  There are many other businesses inventory in the same cooperative space, but only our employees have access so your inventory is completely safe.  After it is received and put into our systems for tracking and management purposes, our employees now begin acting exactly as if they worked directly for you.  When an order is placed on your website, we receive that information in our systems and decide which location would be best to ship from.  If both locations hold enough inventory to fulfill the order, we always ship from the warehouse closest to the customer.  This reduces transportation costs and shipping times, making you look good and saving you money at the same time.  If you charge a flat rate for shipping, you will probably be making money off every order placed, which can be applied directly to your bottom line or returned to your customers in the form of lower prices.  The order is prepared in the manner you specify and using the types of shipping materials you specify, personalizing the order in any way you want.  The order is received by the customer and you pay us only for the warehouse space that you use and the processing, the shipping charges are additional.

So what makes us the best order fulfillment company in the United States, when there are so many others that do the same thing? The answer is pretty simple, we are small and we are detail oriented.  You are not hiring some gigantic company that doesn’t know you and isn;t familiar with your special process.  We are going to process your orders in the way that you would, with the same attention to detail as if it were our business.  We are going to go the extra mile to make sure that each and every one of your customers receives the best service possible, and gets their order in the least amount of processing time.  In a nutshell, we just work harder because we are just like you, a small business that knows we have to earn your trust with every order we send out.