Choose A Fulfillment Center In Las Vegas

Does your ecommerce business service customers on the west coast of the United States? If so, you can benefit from utilizing Ship My Orders as your fulfillment center.  If your business services customers on the east coast of the United States, you can also benefit from utilizing Ship My Orders as your fulfillment center.  The reasons for these statements are simple, because Ship My Orders operates from two distinct warehouses strategically located on the east coast and west coast, due to the fact that positioning your inventory closer to your customers will hep you build more business.  By simply splitting your inventory between our warehouses, taking half the space in each instead of putting all of your inventory in a single space, you provide us with the ability to route your orders using the closest warehouse that holds inventory.  This gives you the ability to get the orders to customers in a fraction of the typical shipping time, as well as paying reduced rates on shipping of each and every order.

Here is how it works, first you create an account with Ship My Orders and enter into a contract that will allow us to process orders for you.  If you service customers on both coasts then you ship your inventory to each of our warehouses for storage.  Our central software system integrates into your shopping cart on your website, allowing us to receive order information as it is placed on the website.  We determine the warehouse that is closest to the customer and fulfill the order from that warehouse provided there is inventory on hand.  The order is picked from that inventory and processed for shipping, then transported from our location to your customer using the shipping method specified.

So how is this beneficial to you? The answer comes in the forms of building customer loyalty and saving on shipping costs.  As far as building customer loyalty you will be quoting the maximum potential shipping time to each customer when an order is placed.  In most cases, positioning that inventory closer to the customer will result in reduced shipping times.  When a customer expects their order in five days and instead receives it in three, they are impressed by your company and will possibly order again.  As far as saving money on shipping, the prices paid for shipping are calculated based on distances that must be traveled.  If you quote a flat shipping fee that will cover a coast to coast delivery, then process that order from a warehouse closer to the customer, you will charge more than you will pay each time an order is placed.  This is literally adding profit to your bottom line with each and every order that is processed, which can be kept as profits or passed off to the customers with lower prices.  Either way, it is a win win for both customers and businesses alike.

If you are interested in learning more about Ship My Orders and our services, contact us immediately and a representative will provide you with any information your need.