Why Choose Us As Your Ecommerce Fulfillment Center?

We know that you have a lot of choices as far as your ecommerce fulfillment center, and we know that we have to not only earn but also KEEP your business.  This is why Ship My Orders works so hard each and every day to make sure that business runs smoothly for you, and we completely understand that if you do not even notice that we are working then we are doing a good job.  You see, our job is to be relatively invisible and go unnoticed, and we are ok with that.  People generally tend to only notice that fulfillment companies are part of the process when something goes wrong, so we work really hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.  But aside from that, why should you choose us as your fulfillment center?

We have warehouses on both the east coast and the west coast (Las Vegas and Nashville) positioned along key shipping routes.  This provides us the ability to route your customer’s orders from the closest warehouse to them, dramatically cutting down on shipping time and saving you money.  How does this work? Thats easy….because you have the ability to position your inventory in either (or both) of our warehouses, when a customer orders from your website we can choose which warehouse is the best one to fulfill that order from.  We do inventory management from both strategic positions, so if you have the inventory in place in the warehouse closest to the customer, then we will fulfill from that warehouse.  A typical ground shipping time from UPS is five days, but positioning the starting point of the order closer to the customer can cut that delivery time down to two or three days.  Customers get their orders faster than they were promised, which builds your customer loyalty.  The worst case scenario is that the order was delivered on time, the best case is that they get it early.  In addition to this benefit, the amount of cost that you will be charged by the transportation company is minimized on every order, meaning that you can either pass those savings off to your customer or apply it to your bottom line.

We provide better customer service than our competitors.  We are a small business just like you are, and we understand that just taking a little extra effort to make sure that everything is not only running smoothly but is better than expected goes a long way.  We attempt to keep our prices affordable for small businesses, even though we utilize a cutting edge software that gives you all of the benefits of using a company far bigger than us.  We are both a big and a small fulfillment center, one that keeps our relationships with our customers personal while maintaining the most professional environment in the business.  Your inventory is also completely safe.  We do not share our warehouse space with anyone else, and our employees are the only ones with access to your inventory.

So why should you choose us as your fulfillment center? Simple, because we not only want your business, but we want to EARN it.