Choose us for your US fulfillment company

Do you run an online business that ships orders to customers? Are you located inside the continental United States, or do you have an operational warehouse inside the US? If the answer to the second question is no, we need to ask you what method you are using to get the orders that are placed to the customers inside of the US? If you are using a shipping service like FEDEX or UPS to deliver and are processing from a warehouse located overseas, chances are that it takes a really long period of time for the order to be received by the customer, and it also probably costs you far more than if it was originating from an address inside the US.  These two issues put you at a significant price disadvantage with regards to competing with American businesses for American customers, but there is good news.  These issues can essentially be solved with one phone call, and that call could also save you significant amounts of money every quarter.  So if you would like to sell to US customers exactly the same way as a US based business would, with the same shipping charges and timeframes, all you have to do is keep reading.

Ship My Orders is a US fulfillment company with two locations in Las Vegas NV and Nashville TN.  We specialize in working with businesses that are not domestic but would like to sell to US customers, eliminating the issues that would prevent you from competing on a level playing field with them.  The way it works is that you ship your inventory to us for holding in our US warehouses, and when a customer on your website places an order from within the United States we process that order from the nearest location to the customer that has inventory.  This situation eliminates the need for you to attempt to manage a warehouse space and staff inside the US, and at the same time reduces the shipping fees that you pay on nearly every order by positioning the warehouse close to the customer.  By using Ship My Orders you not only get a US based warehouse and staff to process your US orders, you also get two of them strategically located withing the specific regions of the US.  This will give you two advantages over your domestic competition, the first being that you can price your products less than most US competitors and attract more business from customers who are using comparison engines like Google shopping to decide.  You will not only be shipping using the same rates as US competitors, you can actually charge a flat rate that will equal them and then ship each order for a discount on that rate due to the warehouse strategic position.  Shipping fees many times are calculated by distance to the customer, and we will make sure that every order originates from a warehouse that is close.  You will be able to get orders to customers in about 3 days average from the time the order is placed, and it will cost less than you could ever imagine.