Choosing A Fulfillment Company On The West Coast

Make no bones about it, we want to be your choice of fulfillment company on the west coast.  We have strategically positioned our warehouse in Las Vegas specifically because it represents not only a centralized location from which to service customers from the center to the west coast of the United States, but also because Las Vegas itself is along the major transport routes that service the entire country.  Positioning your warehouse in Los Angeles or along the central coast of California will provide shorter shipping distances to the coast addresses, but will not be strategically ideal for customers further east.  This is why we split the country into two distinct areas and then position our warehouses in a centralized location within each of those areas.  Las Vegas is better positioned to service customers in the center of the country than a warehouse located further toward the coast.

So why choose a fulfillment company on the west coast? The answer is easy, you can position your inventory closer to your west coast customers.  If you start the fulfillment process for a customer from a position that is closer to that customer than another warehouse, then the shipping charges and time frames are going to be lower every time.  This means that if you have a single warehouse located in New York, every order that is shipped to the west coast will cost the maximum amount and take the maximum amount of time to transport (usually 5 days.) If that same customer was to order and the origination point was in Las Vegas, the delivery time would be closer to 2 days and would cost about half as much to transport.  This is going to add up to every customer being delighted when their order is delivered ahead of schedule, and is also going to mean that you save money on every order placed.  This money can be applied to your bottom line if you are charging a flat rate for shipping to all customers, or can be provided directly to the customer through discounted rates.

The best way to take advantage of this type of fulfillment setup is to utilize our dual warehouse system.  By positioning inventory in both our Las Vegas and Nashville warehouses, we can analyze every order placed to fulfill it from the closer warehouse that holds inventory.  Using this type of method, you will pay the lowest chipping charges possible and get your orders to customers in the shortest timeframe possible on every order in the US, no matter where your customer is.  If a customer is based in Boston and you have inventory available in our Nashville warehouse, the order will be shipped from there.  If there is not enough inventory on hand within the Nashville warehouse, the order will ship from Las Vegas.  This system provides you with the ability to have multiple options from which to ship, minimizing the amount of backorders that customers see, and in addition always providing the shipping from the closest warehouse.  You will save money on fulfillment across the board.