Customers On The West Coast

Forklift truck in warehouse or storage loading cardboard boxes. 3dFor businesses that sell merchandise to customers throughout the United States and want to leverage as much technology as possible in order to streamline the process as well as conserving funds which can increase the bottom line for the business, the addition of a fulfillment company to your business plan is one of the best decisions you can make. By adding a dedicated fulfillment company to your operations, you get to have your inventory warehoused and managed from a location that you do not have to pay the entire bill for with regards to rent and utilities, nor do you have to employ a dedicated staff to process that inventory for shipping when a customer orders it. Employees are one of the biggest expenses that small businesses have to contend with, and by outsourcing the duties of your employees to a company that specializes in their tasks, you can eliminate the extraneous costs of having a staff as well as leverage the fact that you will only pay for space you need within the warehouse, as opposed to having to pay for the entire space. All of these are money saving decisions that can give your business an edge over your competition, but the additional savings of shipping charges being calculated from a warehouse located near your customers can save money on each and every order placed.

Your business is headquartered in a specific location that was probably decided based upon proximity to your home or drive up customers, but when you started selling to the entire country through ecommerce systems you no longer need to be anywhere near them. If you process orders for shipment from a location that is not strategic with regards to shipping routes, you are paying more than you need to on every order shipped. In addition, you are also able to leverage strategically remote locations as an origination point if you utilize a company like Ship My Orders, who maintains multiple warehouses strategically positioned to service customers on the east coast or the west coast. What this means is that if you house inventory in our west coast warehouse, the orders that are placed by your customers on the west coast will have to travel less distance in order to be delivered. This reduces shipping charges and time on every order placed to a west coast customer. Of course, the same is applicable for east coast customers if you utilize our east coast warehouse.

The majority of businesses are not geographically hindered when they sell through ecommerce systems, meaning that you can and will sell to the entire United States. For this reason we offer a dual warehouse setup where a customer can house inventory in both our east coast and west coast warehouses, allowing for the origination points to always be the shortest distanced to the customer address. The orders placed on your website will be transmitted to the appropriate warehouse and outed from there, ensuring the most efficient process possible on every order. We are your west coast fulfillment company, and your east coast fulfillment company at the same time.