Digital Product Photography

Ship My Orders has an in-house Photo Studio, a photographer and a graphic designer. We can take care of all your digital product photography needs (no job is too big or too small):

Digital product photography for your website:

The digital product photography comes in very handy since we store your merchandise, we receive it from your manufacturer and many times we even see it before you do. Since the equipment and the team are in-house we don’t have to wait to schedule a big photography session, we can just shoot a new bottle of gel that just arrived so you can have it in your website within hours of receiving.

Photoshoots with models:

Do you need a promo picture? A photo shoot to advertise your products? We can take care of it all, from hiring the right models to the photo shoot and the design, or… you can come over and make all the decisions, we’ll just shoot!

Brochures & Catalogs:

Once again, you can give us your idea and some guidelines or you can come and share your vision, either way, we can create flyers, brochures, and catalogs with a great professional look.


  • The rate for studio and photographer is $100/hour
  • The rate for photo editing, enhancement and design is $50/hour

For brochures and catalogs or other digital product photography for fulfillment please call us for a quote

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