Do you provide packaging/boxes?

contentWe do not charge for labels, packing slips, and a few other packing materials.
If we can use a FREE Carrier box (USPS Priority Mail) or envelope (USPS or FedEx Express) we will in order to save you some packaging costs.
We do charge for the boxes we have to buy. We carry many sizes in stock and we always try to fit your product in the most appropriate box for it. We don’t believe in “one size fit most” boxes, there’s always a lot of waste and extra shipping expense.
Boxes are not free and we rather have a transparent system where you know how much you are paying for our services versus how much you are paying for your shipping & packaging.
When we bill you at the end of the week you’ll receive an itemized report with every order fulfillment fee, shipping fee if we used our shipping account and the packaging size and price.