Why You Should Drop Your Fulfillment Company

If you own an online business and have struggled to reduce costs in order to compete in the online space, you may have discovered fulfillment companies as a means of not only cost reduction, but also effective inventory management and shipping.  The idea of a virtual business is actually not very easy to create, as you might have already found out.  If you thought you were going to create an online store and be able to sell items without the difficulties of things like physical spaces or employees, you have only considered if your business does not grow past the point of you personally being able to do the fulfillment work.  You may currently be using your home or garage as a storage space and you may be personally addressing boxes and shipping them when orders come in, but if you were to become successful enough to outgrow that model you suddenly are not a virtual business any more.  Now you are managing warehouse spaces and employees who have been hired to process the orders.  You are going to be paying for insurance and dealing with all of the hassles that go with running a business with employees.  Unfortunately this is not the virtual model, and it does not give you the flexibility that you once had.  If you did research you may have come across the concept of fulfillment companies, which are third-party businesses that essentially work as your back of house, processing the orders that are placed on your website in exchange for fees.  These types of partnerships allow you to regain the virtual aspect of online business, by removing the responsibilities associated with the physical management of employees and spaces that are needed in order to process orders and get them to customers.  The way it works is not hard to understand, instead of shipping your inventory to a warehouse that you manage for processing, you ship it to the fulfillment company instead.  From there it is inventoried and you are charged for the amount of space that is utilized inside of their warehouse.  This gives you the ability to not need to speculate with long term leases on space that is not easy to predict the needs.  With a fulfillment company, you can always simply pay for more or less space as necessary.  The actual process of order fulfillment is on a per order basis.  When an order is received on your website it is routed to the fulfillment company, who then processes the order for shipment for you, using their employees.  You will pay the transportation fees as you would anyway, and you will pay a fee for the processing of the order.  Your charges will almost always be less than if you tried to do this all yourself.

So why should you drop your fulfillment company? The answer is because we are a fulfillment company that is better.  Our prices are competitive and our staff is small and dedicated.  With a smaller business comes more dedication to you and your customers, meaning that we will work harder than they will for your business.  Don’t drop your fulfillment company and do it yourself, just drop your fulfillment company and call us.