A Dual Warehouse System For Savings

While having multiple warehouses throughout the world or the country is certainly not a unique concept, there may be a better reason to do it than you expect.  The obvious reason to operate from multiple warehouses is to minimize the ship times that occur every time a customer orders something.  Positioning a warehouse along a major transport route is obvious, but one thing that is still lacking by operating from that single warehouse is that roughly half of your orders will be placed by customers who are on the other side of the country.  If your warehouse is in Los Angeles and your customer is in New York, they can expect the transport time to be the maximum (usually 5 days.)  Having multiple warehouses positioned at strategic points in the country allows the order to be fulfilled from the warehouse closest to the customer (provided the inventory is available in that warehouse.)  If the inventory cannot fulfill the order from the closer warehouse, it defaults to being fulfilled from the next closest.  This allows for more inventory to be on hand and minimizes back orders, while also minimizing the transport time on nearly every order.  Typically, a 5 day quoted delivery time will be completed within 2 or 3.  This increases customer loyalty and also helps with reordering as customers are delighted to get their orders early.

The other benefit to using a dual warehouse system is that you can save money on shipping on nearly every order placed.  If your company charges a flat rate for shipping that will cover the worst case scenario of a coast to coast delivery, then any distance shorter than that will incur a lower charge and allow you to pocket the difference.  Essentially if you charge a flat rate of 10 dollars for shipping and can expect that to be the maximum charge for a coast to coast delivery, if the order only goes half way across the country it will incur a 5 dollar charge and the difference can be applied to the bottom line.  With a dual warehouse setup, the distance of half way across the US will be in play for almost every order, increasing your profit margins substantially.  If you choose to have customers pay shipping charges dynamically calculated, they will see the savings and be further delighted.

Using Ship My Orders dual warehouse system positions your inventory in Las Vegas and in Nashville.  These strategic positions further segment the country, allowing for a western zone delivery to ship from a warehouse more centrally located in that western zone.  Orders to Utah leaving a Los Angeles warehouse will take longer and incur more charges than if the order originated in Las Vegas, which is how we can show you the lowest charges and time frames for nearly every order that is placed on your website.  To learn more about Ship My Orders and our dual warehouse system, contact our representatives today.  In a time when saving every penny counts, we can show you a way to dramatically save on every order.