Bi-Coastal Warehouses For Faster And Cheaper Shipping

Ship My Orders operates from two warehouses in the United States, one on the west coast in Las Vegas NV and the other in Nashville TN to serve the east coast.  These warehouses are strategically positioned along the major shipping routes in order to assure fast and inexpensive delivery of goods shipped from that warehouse to customers within the area.  

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Provide the Best Service to Your Customers with a Bi-Coastal Warehouse System

Between our two warehouses, typical shipping transport times are roughly 1/2 what they would be if traversing the entire country, and are also less expensive.  This is important for two reason, first being that if a business utilizes Ship My Orders dual warehouse system, customers will receive the fastest possible shipping times all the time and on every order, and second because shipping charges will be reduced on every order.  If there is only a single warehouse holding inventory, a business may be able to position inventory closer to customers than their headquarters, especially if it is located outside of the United States, but nonetheless there will be some customers who are facing orders being routed across the entire country.  By using the dual warehouse system, orders placed through the website can automatically be determined which warehouse would be wisest to ship from and the orders fulfilled from that warehouse.  This will generally cut shipping times from 5 days to 3, and also reduce costs significantly.  These savings can be applied to the profit margin by the business or given to the customer as savings, but all shipments arriving in less time than predicted will impress customers and cause greater brand loyalty and re-orders.

The dual warehouse system employed by Ship My Orders allows for a more effective routing of customer orders from the warehouse that makes the most sense, as long as inventory is available in that warehouse.  So as not to slow down the delivery process, a worst case scenario with no inventory at the appropriate warehouse can cause delivery within the specified timeframe from the alternative warehouse.  The ongoing savings in transport charges is one of the most significant advantages that businesses have over competition who operate from a single warehouse, and the added charges associated with dual warehouse inventory holding is nearly always paid for with savings on shipping.

An east or a west coast shipping fulfillment company is generally a good idea for businesses who wish to outsource their fulfillment and logistics services in order to free up resources and reduce commitment problems, and a company like Ship My Orders who can operate as both provides an even more streamlined and effective process that will not only save you and your customers money and time but also delight them.  Why are you choosing to continually deal with the issues of shipping from your own warehouse when you can have the job done cheaper and more effectively by us? Contact us today to allow us to discuss your needs, and we will rapidly reply with a free estimate that will allow you to make the wisest decision for your business that you have ever made.

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