East Coast Fulfillment Center

Would you like to branch out to selling to customers on the East Coast? Even if you are not physically located in this area of the United States, you can have a warehouse in the region that will make order fulfillment as fast and as cheap as possible for customers in the vicinity. An East Coast fulfillment center can store your merchandise and handle each step of the order fulfillment process for you.

No Long-term Contracts,
No Setup Fees,  
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Stress-free Fulfillment

Since we do not require any long-term contracts, in addition to eliminating setup fees, you can rest assured that you are in good hands

Why Choose East Coast Fulfillment Services?

An East Coast fulfillment service is an ideal solution for optimizing delivery costs and time. The actual location of your warehouse is one of the most important aspects to consider in regard to order fulfillment. [The reason that location is such a crucial element to this process is because the actual time for transport and costs associated with the transport of your orders is going to be improved by your warehouse being positioned closer to your customer.]

Typical ground shipping can take approximately five days. However, if you have a warehouse near your East Coast customers, you may be able to reduce shipping times to two or three days. Additionally, the actual costs of the shipping will be less using an East Coast warehouse since the inventory won’t have to travel as far to reach the buyer. Customers will appreciate the fast delivery and cheap shipping fees, increasing the probability that they will shop with your business again.

Warehouse & Fulfillment for Scalability

Working with an East Coast fulfillment service can give you more time to tend to your business operations. You will be able to focus on your company while the fulfillment center handles all of the menial order fulfillment tasks that can take a lot of time out of your day. Eventually, you could scale into using a bi-coastal strategy. Selling on both coasts will allow you to target key population areas, which will help increase your overall sales volume.

Other benefits to using an East Coast fulfillment center include:

  • Faster delivery – Being closer to the customer cuts down on delivery times.
  • Reduced shipping costs – The fulfillment center partners will offer several carriers to offer the cheapest shipping possible.
  • Order processing assistance – Orders will be routed directly to the center, where employees will pick and pack them for delivery.
  • Positive customer experiences – Customers will appreciate getting their items faster, making them more likely to place more orders with you.  

Your East Coast 3PL Fulfillment Provider

Ship My Orders can help your business expand its reach to East Coast customers as your 3PL fulfillment partner. We have a warehouse strategically located in Tennessee that will allow you to offer faster delivery and cheaper shipping options for consumers on this side of the United States. By optimizing your shipping fulfillment logistics, you will be able to impress new customers who will likely order with your business again. 

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