East And West Coast Fulfillment

The utilization of shipping charges to add to the bottom line of each and every order placed on your website may be complicated, but ultimately is a very valid strategy as long as you have the correct logistics partner.  Ship My Orders utilizes a dual warehouse system, with two locations operating for customers who wish to exercise this option.  The option must be used with customers on your website being charged a flat rate for shipping to all US destinations in order to be effective, and that flat rate must be able to cover the worst case scenario of shipping from coast to coast.  The flat rate that is charged would be able to cover the shipping charges of the furthest delivery possible within the US using the shipping company of your choice.  Once this is established, we put our logistics to work in order to make each and every order that is filled cost less than that amount charged to the customers.

Ship My Orders operates from warehouses on the east coast of the US in Nashville TN and the west coast of the US in Las Vegas NV.  Both of these locations are centralized to hre respective half of the US in which they are located, meaning that anywhere within the western half of the US will be filled from Las Vegas and anywhere in the eastern half of the US to be filled from Nashville.  Because of the centralized location within their respective half of the country, you can expect the worst case scenario for each warehouse to be one-half of that half of the country.  This means that when an order comes into the central database through your website, the customer address that we are shipping to is determined and the order is processed from the warehouse that is closest to that address.  If it would typically take five days to deliver to Boston from Los Angeles, you can expect two to three days deliver time when using dual warehouses.  You can also  expect the charges for that package to be delivered to be far less than if it had to go all the way across the country.  Because the customer is expecting five days delivery time and has paid for a shipping charge that is higher than the actual cost, the benefits to the company are actually twofold.  Your customer will be delighted that they are receiving their order in far less time than expected and will be more likely to order again due to the wonderful customer service and positive experience.  You will be charging a higher rate to the customer than you are paying to the shipping company, and you get to put the difference into your pocket as profits.  Another option would be to lower the prices on the goods themselves and present your products as a better priced alternative to other competitors.  Either way is beneficial to your business and will end up making you more money than if you did not use the system.  Contact us today for more information.