Ecommerce fulfillment for non USA companies

delivery man checking packages to be deliveredIf you have a business that sells merchandise through a website  or shopping platform, and your business is not located in the United States, chances are you have some difficulty getting your orders to US customers.  Although the sales of merchandise through a website technically opens up the entire world to being your potential customers, the prices associated with shipping the actual purchased products to United States customers from outside of the US is very problematic, and adds the the price so dramatically that most customers will probably choose another merchant from which to buy the products, one that is located within the US and who will offer shipping rates that are more reasonable.  There are many cases where the actual cost that the customer pays for the product is less than the shipping charges, basically doubling the prices and making it nearly impossible to compete with merchants shipping from within the US.  Luckily ther are ecommerce fulfillment services for non USA businesses like Ship My Orders.

If your business is located in a different country but you still want to sell to customers in the US, one of the smartest business decisions you can make is to enlist the services of Ship My Orders.  Our system of utilizing multiple warehouses located within strategic regions of the United States allows you to have the starting point and end point of your merchandise be the shortest route possible, allowing for far faster delivery times from the point of order to your customers, and additionally allowing for the cheapest shipping charges that are available.  Our system is simple, we coordinate our software with your software in order to create a bridge that sends us the information when a customer makes a purchase on your website.  At that point, our employees pick the purchased items which are stored in our shared warehouse space, pack the items appropriately and ship them to the customer utilizing the shipping method that has been provided by the website.  Because the origination point for the merchandise is within the United States and far closer to your US customers than if it was to leave your warehouses in your home country, you will actually be paying the same shipping rates as any business located within the US, thus making it far easier to compete with businesses in your same space.  The customers appreciate the savings that are provided and are thrilled with shipping times that are only a fraction of the time that an item coming from another country would take.

Ship My Orders is an industry leader in the ecommerce fulfillment space, for businesses located both inside the United States and outside.  Our long history of experience providing the best customer service available has made us the choice for online merchants both large and small, and we assure you that we can assist your business to provide a more streamlined and productive shipping experience than our competitors.  We want to work for you, so contact us to get a free quote on your next business venture.