Ecommerce Fulfillment In Nashville

warehouseIf you own or operate an ecommerce business that services customers on the east coast, or if you own a brick and mortar store that is located in the general vicinity of Nashville TN, Ship My Orders is the solution you have been looking for to reduce costs and expand your market.  Ship My Orders is an ecommerce fulfillment service that operates from two strategic locations on the east coast and the west coast, providing fulfillment services that allow you to operate your business without the addition of new employees or warehouse space.  The way it works is that you contract our services based upon an estimated number of monthly shipments that our employees pick from your inventory which is stored in our warehouses.  Since you are not renting or owning your own warehouse space, the costs for storing your inventory is significantly cheaper than if you attempted to do it on your own.  In addition to the savings of the space itself, as well as not having the commitment of long lease terms and operation costs, you utilize our employees as your fulfillment staff.  Without needing to hire extra staff to work in your warehouse, you save significant costs on employees and ancillary labor, allowing us to do the work for you for far less than typical costs.  Our employees are professionals in fulfillment services, meaning that your orders which are transmitted directly from your website or store are processed in a fast and professional manner, packed as per your instructions and prepared for shipping.

Shipping costs are based upon distances from the source of the package to the end of the trip, meaning that if your customer is located on the east coast we will be more closely positioned to them in our Nashville warehouse.  This will save both shipping costs as well as shipping time when the order exits our warehouse and is transported by the carrier you specify. The savings that is encountered can be passed off to your customers or can be applied to your bottom line as additional profit.  For those wishing to create a strategy that incurs reduced shipping rates on every package delivered, we can even offer a “dual warehouse” system where your orders are routed to either our east coast facility or our west coast facility as a starting point, cutting down the distances traveled on nearly every order.  The costs incurred by maintaining warehouse space in both facilities is generally more than made up for in reduced shipping charges.

Ecommerce fulfillment in Nashville is a specialty of Ship My Orders, and we can be your fulfillment arm for your business if it is located in the Nashville area, even if it is not a traditional online business.  If you are interested in branching out into ecommerce but are still functioning as a brick and mortar business within the Nashville area, contact us directly to discuss the options we can provide to you.  Our representatives are waiting for your call.