Ecommerce fulfillment Nashville

Office deskShip My Orders maintains multiple warehouses from which we can deploy customer order fulfillment.  Our West Coast warehouse is located in Las Vegas NV and our East Coast warehouse is located in Nashville TN.  The dual warehousing system that our company uses enables us to reduce shipping costs for our customers by creating the shortest path between the origination point of the order and the customer.  If a customer is located on the East Coast of the United States, Ship My Orders can route that order to be processed from our Nashville facility provided you maintain inventory from that location, thus allowing the shipping charges to be significantly more affordable and the shipping times to be almost half of the expectation.

Our Nashville warehouse services our East Coast customers effectively by creating the shortest route possible to their door.  With this in place, your website sales can seamlessly begin at our Nashville facility where it is packed and shipped.  In many cases where the typical ground ship time is five days, we can get the order to your customer in two, creating a brand loyalty aspect that is difficult to produce.  By exceeding the customer expectations on things like shipping charges and time, you set your brand out as superior in the minds of your customers, leading to more future sales.  When your system is a standardized ecommerce fulfillment system that pushes the data from your website to our database, we can route your orders to the appropriate warehouse for origination as a part of your contract, therefor creating no additional work on your part but saving thousands of dollars every year in shipping charges.

Nashville is a strategic location that was chosen for it’s positioning on the major ground transportation routes throughout the eastern and southern United States.  Although some other warehouses might potentially be closer in proximity to some customers, the importance of being located within a more heavily traveled route becomes important to shipping charges.  Proximity to the customer is not necessarily the only aspect that must be considered when shipping charges and times are calculated, and the additional factors of major highway access and transport routes comes into play.  For this reason, we found that Nashville was actually a perfect location for the strategic positioning of our facility in order to service the majority of customers on the East Coast and in the southern United States.  Utilizing Nashville as an origination point is smart business for you.

Our facilities are completely staffed to give your ecommerce system the fulfillment functionality that is necessary to create a seamless sales process.  The orders are placed and paid for through your shopping system on your website, at which point the data for ecommerce fulfillment is transferred to us.  We employ the staff that checks your inventory which is housed within our warehouse, picks the appropriate order items, packs and ships the order via the carrier of choice.  On your end, all you need to do is maintain your website and information.  We take care of everything from the point of the order being paid for and cleared, getting the order to the customer withing the shortest timeframe possible and for the lowest prices available.