You have an ecommerce website, that’s a good first step

So you have created an ecommerce website and are now able to sell items online to customers all over the world.  This will certainly expand the customer base and enable you to reach potential buyers for your products that would have never been able to purchase from you at a physical location.  Additionally, you are able to sell your items cheaper due to the fact that you no longer have to factor in the rental charges, utilities and employee salaries that come with a retail location.  So much of the price of each item sold goes to paying for those expenses, and by eliminating them you have taken the right step.  But there are still a few things that create expenses that would be better if they could be reduced, most specifically fulfillment.  Even though you have eliminated the need for a retail space and employees, you still need a warehouse to house your inventory and employees to pack the orders into boxes and arrange shipping to the customers.  Wouldn’t it be better if you could eliminate those expenses as well?

Ship My Orders is a third-party fulfillment service that acts as your fulfillment department.  The way it works is simple, you ship your inventory to us at our strategically positioned warehouses on the east coast and the west coast.  Your inventory is held in our secure facilities along with our other customer’s inventory, so the space you pay for is not estimated like it would be if you had to get your own warehouse.  You pay only for the space you need, and others share the same space as well.  Our employees are used to receive the orders that are placed on your website using specific software that communicates with your shopping cart.  Each order that is placed is transmitted to you and to us as well, and we then calculate the distance to the customer from our east coast facility and our west coast facility.  Whichever warehouse can provide the fastest and least expensive shipping option for your customer is the source, and the employees from that facility pull the customer order from the inventory on hand.  The order is packed in the method that you specify, using the materials that you specify, and is then transported from our facility to the customer by the transport company of choice.  You pay for the warehouse space and a small fee per order we process.

Our fulfillment service allows you to become fully virtual, managing no physical spaces and having to deal with no employee issues.  Your business can be fluid enough to grow or shrink as necessary due to the lack of long term lease negotiations that are necessary if you maintain your own warehouse.  You do not have to worry about employee training or expenses as well.  By using our services, you can spend your time concentrating on the things that actually grow your business, and let the grunt work to us.  We are specialists in fulfillment and logistics, as well as inventory management and shipping.  We want to be your first choice of fulfillment services, and will work closely with you to delight each and every customer.