Faster Shipping Order Fulfillment From Nashville

Worker preparing goods for dispatchOne of the benefits that Ship My Orders brings to the table with regards to customers utilizing our services over those of competitors in the third party order fulfillment industry who operate from single locations positioned within the United States is that we offer the ability to source your orders for fulfillment from one of our two strategically positioned warehouses.  Ship My Orders offers order fulfillment services originating from our Las Vegas warehouse for West Coast customers or our Nashville warehouse for East Coast customers.  By utilizing a strategically positioned warehouse to fulfill orders to your customers within that same portion of the country, Ship My Orders can offer fulfillment and delivery through ground services within 2 days.  What this means is that the typical ground shipping times of 5 days is dramatically reduced, thus improving customer satisfaction as well as saving on shipping charges.  The origination point can be either of our warehouses as our software operates on a company-wide basis, allowing the shortest shipping distances to be calculated and originated from the appropriate warehouse.

Why Nashville as the location of your East Coast warehouse? We chose Nashville due to it’s strategic position along major shipping routes that service the East Coast through highways.  Our goal is to get the order to your customer as quickly and inexpensively as possible, so Nashville was an appropriate choice due to it’s central position as well as it’s accesses to major highways that can be utilized by UPS, FEDEX and other shippers.  Contact us directly for additional information about how your company can benefit from our dual warehouse platform.