How Fulfillment Can Work For Your Company

Do you run an ecommerce business that sells items online, or a physical store that does not have the staff to process orders that need to be shipped to customers? If you do, then it might be time to look into the services of a fulfillment company like Ship My Orders.  We act as the fulfillment and logistics arm of your company so that you do not have to, and so that you can concentrate on more important items.  Shipping fulfillment is a relatively new concept that was born out of necessity, when ecommerce businesses needed the ability to be completely virtual instead of getting caught up in the physical spaces and employees that are necessary to operate a warehouse.  Third-party fulfillment is an arrangement between you and the company to provide all services beyond the point of sale on a website, eliminating your need for additional employees, warehouse spaces, insurance or other hassles.

The way that third-party fulfillment works is relatively simple.  You take your existing inventory and ship it in bulk to our warehouses on the east coast in Nashville or on the west coast in Las Vegas.  These points were chosen for their strategic positioning on major shipping routes, and each have the ability to reach customers within their one-half of the country within only a few days.  Your inventory is cataloged and logged into our management system, and a software bridge is set up between your website and our systems.  When a customer purchases items on your website, the order is routed to our system and we determine which warehouse is more appropriate to ship from in order to be received in the least amount of time.  The order is pulled from available inventory and processed for shipping in the manner you specify, using either your custom packaging or generic boxes.  The order is then shipped in the manner you specify, the inventory is deducted within the system so as to keep effective control, and you are charged a processing fee and warehousing fee, as well as the fees for shipping using FEDEX or UPS.  Generally, these fees will total far less than if you were trying to run your own warehouse and employees in order to process orders yourself, saving you money as well as positioning your order start point closer to each customer, thus saving on shipping charges as well.  You have the ability to be completely virtual and use no physical spaces or employees of your own, and we take responsibility for all aspects of fulfillment.

The third party fulfillment process allows you to not only save money, but remain fluid as your business grows or shrinks due to sales fluctuations.  You do not have to secure long term leases on warehouses based upon speculative sales figures, or hire employees that you might not need in the future.  You remain able to grow and expand as necessary due to our ability to facilitate as many orders as are placed at any time.  Contact us today for information.