Fulfillment Center

fulfillment center
Many who are in the business of ecommerce are actively seeking out new ways to improve their business, making it easier for their customers to find their products online and less expensive to get the purchases to them.  The entire process of ecommerce was born out of the desire of customers to shop for goods online from the comfort of their own homes, and potentially to save some money on the purchases due to the fact that the goods do not have to be displayed in a brick and mortar location where rent and utilities has to be covered.  All savvy consumers understand that these additional costs add to the price that the end-users pay for the items, so bringing down costs by eliminating the expensive elements of the shopping processes is key to outpacing your competition.  Many online retailers are now experimenting with additional cost-saving measures in order to bring prices down even lower, and one of the main savings to retailers can be found in the use of a fulfillment center.

A fulfillment center is an independent business that houses the inventory that is sold by online retailers.  These warehouses will generally offer additional services like maintaining the inventory, pulling orders as they are placed, processing those orders and preparing the order for shipping.  The fulfillment center essentially takes care of all of the processes between a customer ordering on your website and the item arriving at their door, generally only lacking the actual transport of the item and delivery, which is usually completed by a company like UPS or FEDEX who specialize in delivery.  The fulfillment center will take care of all of the other aspects, allowing you as the business owner to concentrate on the business itself, instead of hiring additional employees and securing warehouse spaces.  These expenses will almost always add to the costs that must be passed off to the consumer in the form of higher prices.  By consolidating these services into a specialized company and removing the risks of warehouse leases and hired employee downtime, the prices you need to charge for your goods can be lowered significantly.

Another benefit to ecommerce businesses that is the result of contracting a fulfillment center is proximity to your customers.  By positioning your inventory within a geographic position that is closer to your customers than your corporate headquarters, you are able to save money in every shipping charge due to the closer distances that need to be traveled.  This is especially effective for businesses housed in order countries, who can then position their inventory within the US as a starting point.  The money that can be saved on each order can add up to significant increases to the bottom line every year, savings which can be passed off to the consumer if necessary as lower prices, or which can be added directly to the profits of the company.  Either way, the savings is beneficial.

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