Fulfillment Center In Las Vegas

Why is it important for your fulfillment center to be in Las Vegas? With regards to servicing west coast customers it is ideal.  With regards to servicing east coast customers a better placement of a fulfillment center would be somewhere like Nashville.  This is why Ship My Orders operates from two warehouses located in those two cities.  By doing so, we are able to provide the best service for customers located on each coast, and in the worst case scenario we are able to provide the shipment from the warehouse that holds the appropriate amounts of inventory.

The reasoning behind the placement of a fulfillment warehouse in Las Vegas is simple.  You can divide the country in half and place a warehouse  within each half in order to service that side of the country.  On the west coast side, a warehouse placed in an area like Los Angeles is going to have to ship almost half way across the country to reach a customer in Utah.  By placing the warehouse in the relative center of the geographic area that it serves, you can assure that the distances being traveled most of the time are only about 1/4 what they would be on a coast to coast delivery.  This will minimize the costs and the delivery times on nearly every order that is placed on your website.  The same scenario is true of our Nashville warehouse which services the east coast.

But why is it important for a business to operate from dual warehouses in this way, aside from the reduced shipping times?  The answer is essentially making more money on each and every order that is shipped.  If you were to decide to charge a flat rate for shipping that would cover the shipping fees from coast to coast, then ship from a warehouse located significantly closer to the customer on each order, you are going to pocket the difference on almost every order placed.  This is going to significantly impact your bottom line in a positive way, allowing you to either make more on every order or to reduce your prices charged in order to provide better customer experiences.  Either way, you and your customers are going to benefit from this setup.

Ship My Orders operates by receiving the orders that are placed on your website through a software connection to the shopping cart.  We hold inventory in our warehouses that you have shipped to us, and when an order is placed we calculate the distance from each warehouse to the customer and then ship from the closest.  We use our employees to complete the process, allowing you to remain completely virtual without a sales team or a shipping department.  No only is this going to be better for your business operationally, it is going to actually cost you less than if you operated your warehouses and shipping staff yourself.  Contact Ship My Orders today to inquire about how we can help you service your customers better while making more money.