Fulfillment Center In Las Vegas

Online businesses are rarely virtual, even though that was probably the point of creating the online business in the first place.  What this means is that people who create online stores in order to sell merchandise to customers are probably using the online space for two reasons.  First is the fact that an online store can reach any number of people all over the world, and literally has no boundaries the way that a physical location does.  In a physical space, you are limited to the customer base that can physically reach you through transportation from their home to your store.  This limited amount of customers will then be further limited by competition in the same space which is closer to them, or has some other advantage.  In the online space, anyone with an internet connection can reach your store, and as long as you are able to take the currency they have and are able to mail the products to them, then you can consider them your potential customers.  The prices of goods within the online space are generally cheaper than at physical stores due to the fact that specific costs are not present, and do not have to be covered in order to generate a profit.  Because of the lack of employees or brick and mortar stores, the costs which must be covered by each sale are far lower.  Unfortunately there is the cost of a warehouse and employees to process the orders which creates a situation where a business is not truly virtual.

If you are an online business who is considering the United States as potential customers, then Ship My Orders can help you.  We are a fulfillment business who works on your behalf to fulfill customer orders, allowing you to completely eliminate employees and the needs for warehouse spaces.  You ship your inventory to our warehouses in Las Vegas and in Nashville, and we set up a bridge between your online store and our servers.  When an order is placed on your website, we receive that information and use our employees to process the order from the warehouse closest to the customer.  You pay a fee per order processed and fees for the warehouse space used, but typically these costs will be far less than if you tried to manage a warehouse and employees yourself.  You get a top notch processing team for a savings while eliminating all the hassles.

The benefit to having a Las Vegas fulfillment center is that it services the west coast perfectly, and will be able to provide fast and cheap shipping charges to customers in that demographic.  The same is true for our east coast warehouse in Nashville, where those customers will receive the same services only from a location that will cut down whipping times and costs significantly.  The dual warehouse system used by Ship My Orders provides efficiency and savings to all our customers who sell to US customers.  If you are interested in learning more about Ship My Orders and our services, contact us today.