Fulfillment Center Nashville

Fulfillment centers are the newest way for online businesses to not only reduce their exposure to risk, but also to potentially make more money from each and every sale.  A fulfillment center itself is a specialized business that handles all of your tasks post sale.  This means that your inventory is shipped to our facilities where it is stored.  When an order is placed on your website, that order information is transmitted to our centralized systems where we then use our employees to pull the items from your inventory and then prepare them for shipping using the method you specify.  The ways that fulfillment centers like ours reduce your exposure to risk is through the reduction of responsibility of predicting sales.  Essentially, when you secure warehouse space of your own and staff that warehouse as a distribution center, you must predict the number of employees you will need and the amount of space you need in order to perform these tasks.  If you guess too low, your services will suffer.  If you guess too high, you may be put out of business if sales do not earn enough to pay the rent.  Either way, it is going to be costly if you are not able to accurately predict your sales as much as two or three years from now.  With a fulfillment center you only pay for the space you need within our cooperative warehouses, and our employees are used to process your orders for shipment.  This means that if sales go up you can quickly scale, and if sales go down you can do the same.

The other benefit to using a fulfillment center is positioning of your inventory.  By getting your products closer to each and every customer you will pay lower shipping rates than if you were shipping coast to coast.  For this reason, Ship My orders offers a dual warehouse setup with a location in Las Vegas and a location in Nashville.  Each of these locations is strategically positioned to cover half of the country, thus positioning each order at one half the worst case scenario for distance.  In a nutshell, if you charge a flat rate for shipping that will cover a coast to coast delivery and then deploy each order from a warehouse located half that distance from the customer, you will make money on each and every order delivered.  This added revenue can be passed off to customers in the form of lower prices or applied directly to your bottom line.

The strategic positioning of our Nashville fulfillment center and our Las Vegas fulfillment center gives your business the advantage of building customer loyalty as well.  All orders promised for delivery within five days will generally be delivered in two or three days, delighting customers and providing a loyalty built by great customer service.  Delivering more than is promised is one of the best ways to build sales, and Ship My Orders can help.  Contact us today to find out more about our services.