Fulfillment Center Nashville

Worker preparing goods for dispatchMany businesses the provide sales of merchandise to customers through websites are utilizing fulfillment centers to reduce the expenses associated with warehousing and staffing, but many of these same businesses have not yet made the move to sourcing the fulfillment center closer to their customers, assuming that the savings that comes with the fulfillment center services is enough.  The services that are offered by fulfillment centers is simple, to take the orders that are received through your website and utilize our employees to pick the inventory from your contracted space, pack that order and deliver it to your customer using the delivery method of choice.  The savings that are provided to businesses through this method are obvious, allowing you to scale your business to any level of sales by simply increasing the amount of inventory in a warehouse and increasing the contracted amounts of monthly services that are necessary.  This scaling potential without the expenses associated with employees and rented space relieves the pressures of business growth, and allows you to concentrate on building the sales.

Although the obvious benefits of fulfillment centers are not a mystery to most, the strategic utilization of the positioning of your shipping fulfillment center for savings remains untapped by many savvy business owners.  Once the decision to utilize a fulfillment center is made, the next step should be to consider the actual location of that center itself, due to the fact that most shipping charges are created using a starting point and an ending point to calculate the charge.  If your customer is on the East Coast and your fulfillment center is on the West Coast, you are paying additional mileage charges that you would not be absorbing if the fulfillment center was located closer to the customer, and you are paying that additional charge on every order that originates in that warehouse.  This is one of the main reasons that Ship My Orders decided to open it’s second location in Nashville TN.  By positioning our starting point closer to East Coast customers, we are able to save our customers money on every item that leaves our warehouse destined for an East Coast address.

Many of our customers are using a “dual warehouse” system in order to service their customers all over the country more appropriately.  Our software has the ability to correctly route your order to the appropriate fulfillment center, either on the East Coast or on the West Coast depending on the address of your customer.  By maintaining inventory in both warehouses, our origination point can always be the closest possible to your customer, assuring that you do not absorb additional shipping charges that are un-necessary on any order.  If the order is destined for a West Coast customer, we source it from our Las Vegas warehouse, and if an order is destined for an East Coast customer, we source it from our Nashville warehouse.  You are always paying the shortest route prices, on each and every order.  This results in savings to your business over time that can account for thousands of dollars!