Fulfillment Center US

Businesses that are located outside of the US that would like to effectively sell to United States customers have several logistical issues to face.  The biggest issue is not the reaching of those customers, as a website is worldwide and can easily be accessed by customers inside of the US.  The issues that come up involve the actual prices that are charged and the shipping that happens once a customer buys a product.  There is a good chance that you are able to sell your products from outside the United States for lower prices than your American competitors, but when you factor in shipping fees to actually transport the purchase to the customer you will find that the majority of that savings is taken away.  If the customer is forced to pay the shipping, they will quickly realize that they can purchase the same products from an online shop based in the United States for around the same total price, and they will receive their products in a far shorter time frame because it has to travel less distance from the US warehouse to the customer door.  This may be killing sales to your potential US customers, but luckily there is something you can do about it.  There is a way for you to have a warehouse in the United States that will service your customers in the country, without having to manage the employees or negotiate rents in a foreign country.  This is by using a US fulfillment center.

Ship My Orders is a third party business that handles the orders placed on your website by US customers, and houses your inventory in our US warehouses in order to make the process streamlined.  The way it works is that we connect to your online sales software so as to receive the orders that are placed on the site by US customers.  We are sent your inventory in bulk by you and we store it in our secure warehouses on the east coast and the west coast.  When a customer in the United States makes a purchase, we are provided with the order information and use our employees to process the order, pull it from the existing inventory and prepare it for delivery using UPS, FEDEX or the US mail.  The amount of money that shipping costs will be the same as any other US business, allowing you to compete head to head with any business located inside of the US, while still providing the discounted prices that a business located outside of the US can.  This will provide you with a significant advantage over your US competition.

Your customers will not have to wait the extended periods of time that it typically takes for an order to be delivered to a US customer from an overseas warehouse.  They will receive their order in less than five days, and in many cases they may receive it in two or three days.  This provides you with the ability to function exactly like your US competitors with regards to US customers, while providing better prices and top notch customer service.