Fulfillment Center In The USA

Overseas businesses have a difficult time selling to United States customers.  This is not due to any factor other that eh fact that comparison shopping engines like Google allow them to shop in a way that compares identical products for price including shipping charges.  While the retail pricing of a product that is sold by a US merchant will generally be significantly higher than those that are from outside of the country, when the shipping charges are factored in the customer can see that the majority of that savings is nullified.  This is because it costs so much more to ship to a US customer from overseas than it does from within the United States.  In addition to this issue, the shipping times will generally be significantly longer than the three to five days that is standard for US businesses.  These factors will make a typical customer decide that it is a far better choice to purchase from the US business over the foreign one.  But if you operate a business from outside the United States and want to sell to US customers, is there a  way for you to act as though you were located inside the US? Yes there is.

Ship My Orders is a US fulfillment service that specializes in businesses that are located outside of the US.  The way it works is that the business transports their inventory to be securely stored in the dual warehouses operated by Ship My Orders.  These warehouses are located in Las Vegas NV and Nashville TN.  The orders that are placed on the website of the business are received in the central order system of Ship My Orders, and is routed to the warehouse closest to the US customer.  The order is pulled from inventory, packed and prepared for transportation to the customer using FEDEX or UPS.  The typical transport time will be less than the standard five days, and you will be charged the same rates as any other business that is operating inside of the US.  The customers will benefit from the lower prices they can pay including shipping and the expatiated time frames for delivery, and you will benefit by being able to compete head to head with US businesses selling the same products to potential customers.  This can open up the entire US market to your business, and significantly increase your sales.

Operating a business outside the US that can effectively sell to United States customers provides you with a significant advantage over other domestic businesses because you are not going to be subjected to the heavy taxation that US businesses pay.  You are also not going to have to shoulder the responsibilities of trying to operate and manage a warehouse located inside the United States from outside.  This type of long distance management is quite difficult and expensive, and in the long run will cost far more than the fees paid to Ship My Orders to do it all for you.  When you are ready to make the jump to higher sales by selling to US customers, contact us for more information.