Fulfillment Companies On The Coasts

Ecommerce has numerous advantages over physical locations of stores, the primary advantage being that an ecommerce facility can sell to anyone in any location.  The physical constraints of a traditional store limit you to selling your products to the potential customers who are located within driving distance of your store, significantly limiting the amount of customers you can reach.  An ecommerce facility has no physical limitations on the audience they can reach, as the products are displayed on a website that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  This puts ecommerce in it’s own category as far as the potential amount of customers that can be had, and the limitations to the business come in the form of transport of the purchased products to the customer.  In a physical location, there is no need to factor additional transport charges due to the fact that the customer picks the items up in person.  Generally, the savings of not needing to pay for a physical location as well as limited amounts of employees will offset costs that must be covered by each sale, ultimately making it cheaper to sell over the internet and then factor in additional shipping charges.  This becomes tricky in 2 regards, first in the amount of time it takes to transport the items to the customer and second in the prices that the customer must pay for that shipping.  If you charge the customer too much for shipping you may lose future sales as they realize they can buy the same item locally and have it immediately for the same price.  If you take too long to shit the items to the customer then there is little chance they will use your services again.  Ecommerce businesses are faced with solving the issue of getting the orders to customers as quickly as possible and also as cheaply as possible in order to assure future sales.

The best method of providing customer service that is above and beyond the expected is the utilization of fulfillment companies that are located on the coasts of the United States, with regards to customers who are domestic.  By positioning your inventory in areas that are closer to the customer, you will not only ship to them in the shortest time frame possible but also for the lowest price possible.  This is due to the fact that shipping charges and delivery times are calculated by distance from the origination point to the delivery point.  If a customer is located on the east coast and your inventory is in a warehouse on the west coast, it will take the maximum amount of time to be delivered and also incur the maximum charges.  If you utilize a fulfillment company that stores your inventory in locations on both the east coast or west coast, the order will be fulfilled from the warehouse that is closest to the customer with each order, saving money and time with every order placed.  This savings is applied to the bottom line at the same time as building a satisfied customer base, ensuring future sales while also saving money.