Fulfillment Companies Positioned On The East Coast Or West Coast Provide Better Value

pallet stacker truck at warehouseOne of the most crucial elements with regards to shipping fulfillment companies is the actual, physical location of the facility itself.  The main reason this is so important is that if your shipping fulfillment center is located closer to your customers, then the amount of distance that the shipping process itself takes will be lessened, resulting is lower costs of the actual transport of the goods.  Because so many businesses are now able to transmit information regarding orders virtually, the location of the physical facility where the goods begin their journey to the customer can save enormous amounts of money on each order.  As an example, a company who has customers that are located all over the country can divide their customer base up into different profiles which are geographically located on the East Coast or the West Coast.  By choosing an East Coast fulfillment company or a West Coast fulfillment company, the company selling the products can then source each customer demographic to the correct facility and cut down on the shipping costs to at least one-half of their customers.  If all of your customers are located on the East Coast or West Coast exclusively, then choosing a facility that is geographically located close to the customers will save in transport costs.  These savings can improve the company bottom line, or be passed off to the customer in the form of lower prices in order to provide better incentives for customers to buy from you.

Ship My Orders has fulfillment centers on both the East Coast and West Coast, with location strategically positioned in Las Vegas NV and Nashville TN.  We chose to locate our warehouses in these locations due to the transport routes available and the proximity to customers on either side of the country.  Through this system, we have the ability to utilize either warehouse in order to be the starting point for your customers, thus providing the shortest distance to the end-point and saving money in shipping.  A shipping fulfillment company with only locations on the East Coast or West Coast cannot provide the low rates to customers on the opposing side of the country like we can.  If your company provides sales to customers throughout the US, please contact us immediately to discuss how we can save your business money by becoming your USA shipping fulfillment company.  In addition to United States companies, foreign companies welling goods to customers in the United States will also see huge cost savings by utilizing our facilities and services.  Contact our representatives today to learn more about the value we can bring to your company.  We work with nearly all sopping carts and ecommerce systems, and can be your choice for Woocommerce fulfillment, Shopify fulfillment or any other system you use.