Fulfillment Company In America

Foreign businesses have advantages over American businesses with regards to the prices that need to be charged for items and still maintaining their profit margins.  Essentially, since you can manufacture your products for lower prices outside of the US and sell them for less while still maintaining a profit margin, the only hindrances to directly competing with US businesses for US customers is the costs of retailing and the costs of shipping.  Retailing to a US customer through a website has almost no cost associated with it, and through the use of an American fulfillment company you can essentially maintain your inventory in an American warehouse and with American employees performing the fulfillment tasks at the same costs that any US business would have, if not lower.  The only additional charges that you would have would be the transporting of your inventory in bulk to us.

After your inventory is transferred to our warehouses, we utilize a software bridge to connect our system to your website.  When an order is placed on your site, we receive it in real time and use our employees to pull the order from your inventory.  The order is processed by our employees and shipping is arranged using the service that you specify.  We receive a fee for inventory management and processing on each order, and a warehousing fee.  These costs will generally be lower than even if you attempted to maintain a warehouse on your own in the US due to the fact that you only pay for the space in our warehouse that you need, instead of attempting to speculate on how much space and employees you will need to properly sell to customers.  The space is shared with other businesses who also use our services, so you will be able to have a warehouse at a fraction of the costs it would typically be.  Most of our customers find that using our services actually saves them money, and also removes the responsibilities of managing a staff.  You are literally allowed to be completely virtual, with no store front and no staff.

The main benefit to using an American fulfillment company like ours is customer satisfaction.  When customers realize that they can buy merchandise from you at discounted prices, then pay the same shipping charges that they would see on any American business website and also receive their orders within the typical 5 days that it takes to ship domestically, you are going to delight your customers.  By providing lower prices while still giving the customers all of the benefits that they are used to when dealing with a domestic store, you will develop a customer loyalty that will result in future sales.  The American consumer is very price driven, and wants the best service at the lowest price.  By using our system, you can sell for lower prices than any American competition without cutting into your profit margins.  Using our system is a win win for you and your customers, and it makes running your business easier as well!