Fulfillment Company US

Are you the owner or operator of am ecommerce business that operates from outside the United States, while still selling to customers inside the United States? If this describes your situation, we have a way for you to effectively reduce the costs associated with the delivery of your orders to your customers.  As a matter of fact, we have two methods of reducing costs that could both benefit your business to various degrees.  These cost reduction measures have to do with the costs and time associated with using shippers like Fedex or UPS to carry your orders from your warehouse or shipping center and deliver them to your customers.  Most businesses use one of these transportation companies, as the pricing makes more sense than any other arrangements for transport that can be made.  With that said, transporting goods through these companies to customers in the United States have costs that are calculated by distance from the origination point.  The times that it will take for delivery will also be calculated by the distance that the package has to travel.  There are added costs associated with the transport of that package into the country, at which point the delivery is then picked up by the standardized delivery process within the US.  So if you were able to have each order for a US customer originate within the US, you would be dealing with dramatically lower shipping rates and times.  We are that solution.

Ship My Orders is a service that warehouses your inventory at our locations on the east coast and west coast of the United States.  When an order is placed on your website, we receive that information and use our employees to pull the order from inventory on hand, just like your own employees would.  The order is processed from the warehouse that is closest to the customer, provided you are holding inventory at both our locations instead of just one.  The order is packed as per your instructions and transportation through Fedex or UPS is arranged.  The shipping times and costs will be calculated as any business that was operating from the US would, essentially saving you the individual transport charges from your overseas warehouse into the US on every order.  You can ship your inventory to us in bulk, saving the costs of individual transport and essentially paying for our services with the offset.  When all is said and done, you can offer the same shipping costs and timeframes as any US based business, while still operating completely from your home country and never managing an employee in the US.  By selling the products at lower prices than your US competitors and not padding the prices with shipping charges that include the import trip, you can undercut nearly any competitor, while still offering your customers the same fast and cheap delivery that any competing US business can offer.  When you want to dominate your market and grow your business in a smart way, contact Ship My Orders, the finest US fulfillment company.