Fulfillment Company USA

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The advent of the online business as a way to allow customers who are not within driving distance of a location has revolutionized the commerce industry, in many ways making the need for a brick and mortar location completely un-necessary.  Many merchants are taking their products into the online space through a method of selling known as ecommerce, whereby a customer can purchase items through a website that is designed to allow them to send money to the merchant via a credit card processing system.  This system deposits the money in the merchant’s bank account and charges that merchant a fee for the service, then triggers the software to allow the merchant to know which products were purchased and paid for.  At this stage of the process, either the merchant themselves physically goes into the inventory and packs the items in a box, contacts a shipping facility and gets the items to the customer, or an additional software system picks up the purchase and transmits that information to a fulfillment company like Ship My Orders, who hold the inventory for that merchant in their warehouse.  The inventory is picked by the employees, packed and shipped via the shipping method chosen at the point of purchase.  This system, known as ecommerce fulfillment, enables merchants to be truly virtual in today’s world, never needing to hire staff or have physical spaces within which to hold products.

Ship My Orders specializes in ecommerce fulfillment services for the United States as far as customers go, but can work with any merchant anywhere in the world to process their shipments for their customers.  What this means is that a business that is located in France can allow United States customers to purchase their products, have that purchase transmitted to the Sip My Orders team through the internet, and have those products shipped to the customer with the origination point being within the United States.  This saves large amounts of money in shipping fees, as the general fees associated with shipping involve the distances that are traveled from the origination point to the end point.  By positioning your warehouse and staff closer to your customers, you save money in shipping charges with every order that is placed.  This savings can be applied to your profits or passed off to your customers as lower prices.

A fulfillment company in the USA is good business for foreign merchants who wish to position their products on US shares in order to be able to effectively sell to US customers without the huge shipping charges that are associated if the products are warehoused in the home country.  This advantage allows you as a merchant to effectively compete with United States companies with regards to prices charged to the customer, and will allow you to retain more of the customers who comparison shop.  When you utilize Ship My Orders os your United States shipping fulfillment company, you are giving yourself an edge that can help you lead your industry with regards to prices, service and quality.