Fulfillment Company In the USA

Ecommerce businesses can be located anywhere in the world, as the internet has a global reach.  Your website is not constrained by physical locations the way they used to be with physical shopping, where you could only sell to customers who could reach you by driving their cars to your location.  Now, you can position your products in front of any customer who is able to connect to the internet, and there is a method available that can facilitate the purchase of that product and the delivery to the customer.  This has created a situation where physical locations of shopping outlets are suffering, with customers instead choosing to purchase from the convenience of their homes and for prices that are lower than if you purchased in store.  While the convenience aspects are easy to understand, that a customer who can access a website can purchase from it, the cost reduction aspects that eventually drove the prices of ecommerce down below physical stores has more individual elements.  Easiest to understand is the lack of a necessity to cover the costs of a physical location and employees, as the entire process is automated through shopping cart software and website display of product information.  Less obvious benefits to ecommerce businesses are the physical location of the wholesale warehouses in overseas areas, where products can be manufactured for less money than in the US.  In a typical situation, one of two things happened at this point.  Either the wholesale products were purchased and shipped bulk to stores in the US who then retailed them, or the products were purchased as retail directly from the manufacturer by customers.  Issues arise when attempting to include the shipping charges associated with single products being delivered to locations when compared to a single delivery of wholesale products to a store.  Simply put, the added charges of shipping of individual products from foreign places directly to US consumers made the total prices paid for the product higher than if you purchased it from a local retailer.

The solution to this issue came in the form of the locating of a fulfillment company in the USA.  By shipping their inventory to third party fulfillment companies, wholesalers and manufacturers can absorb only the typical transport charges that all businesses in the US must cover.  The only added charges to the process come in the form of the fees that must be paid for warehousing and each order that is processed will allow you to only see a slight addition to the total cost.  Factor in the reduced shipping charges and the lower costs of manufacture overseas, and you present the ability for customers to buy things from websites run by companies outside of the US, and then have their orders processed exactly as if the company was domestic.  Customers receive their orders for the discounted shipping rates of domestic companies, and within the timeframes that US customers are accustomed.  It is a win win for both consumers and businesses alike.