Fulfillment Company USA

The advantages of operating a business outside of the US are obvious.  Lower labor costs allow for the manufacture and sale of products at lower prices while still keeping profit margins intact.  The advent of internet sales has provided a twist to this concept, allowing merchants to keep their businesses located in other countries and still sell to US consumers effectively.  While the system of using a website to sell across country borders is efficient, and the demand for lower cost goods is there, the mechanism of transport to the US customer becomes a problem.  Essentially, the savings that they would see by purchasing products on websites operated by overseas companies get wiped out by the expenses involved in transporting that item to the customer.  By the end of the transaction, a customer will generally see their total cost be higher than if they just bought the same item from a US retailer.

US fulfillment companies are the answer to this issue.  A US fulfillment company is a specialized business that warehouses your inventory within the United States, and then uses it’s own employees to pack and ship those orders to your customers.  The way it works is quite simple, you arrange for your inventory to be shipped in bulk to Ship My Orders locations.  That inventory is then stored in our cooperative warehouses, the amount you are charged being calculated by the space you require.  We use a software system to connect our systems to your website, and when an order is placed that information is relayed to our employees.  The customer order is then processed and shipped from the warehouse closest to the customer.  You are able to avoid all of the inconveniences of attempting to run a warehouse and have employees in a foreign country, and your customers benefit from lower shipping rates, faster shipping times, and the best customer service.

As an added bonus, you have the ability to utilize our dual warehouse system in order to position your inventory within one half of the United States or the other, assuring that no customer will ever require the full charge of a coast to coast delivery.  This means that each and every order that is fulfilled using our dual warehouse system only travels half the distance of the country maximum.  If you charge a flat rate for shipping that will cover the most expensive domestic delivery, you are going to be making money on every order delivered.  This money can be sent back to your customers as lower prices, or applied directly to your bottom line as profits.  No matter what, the benefits of using a domestic fulfillment center like ours will be large.  You will build customer loyalty and function as any other US business does, only without the issues surrounding running a warehouse from your home country.  You will finally be able to be completely virtual, and sell into that US market that you have always wanted to open.  Contact Ship My Orders today for more information.