Fulfillment Company USA

Do you sell to customers inside the USA even though your business is located outside of the USA? Since online shopping has become popular you have probably answered yes to this question.  Customers inside the USA are very price conscious, and will most always choose the lowest price they can pay when being presented with a list of merchants who offer the product they want to buy.  When they are shopping online using a search engine like Google to compare prices, this is exactly what they are presented with.  The decision to purchase from one vendor or another starts with a price comparison, then moves to a comparison of how much shipping adds to the bill and how long that shipping takes.  Many times, Google will actually calculate shipping as part of the price they show in the comparison, if the merchant is offering shipping for a flat fee.  Customers inside the USA will rarely care if the order is coming from a company outside of the US, as long as the price is lower and the shipping time doesn’t take too long.  Now you can participate in this comparison shopping for the goods you sell on your website, and offer a flat rate for shipping to US customers that will actually make you money on every sale.  This is accomplished through the use of a shipping fulfillment company inside of the US like ours.

To take advantage of this unique program, you ship your inventory to us in bulk and we store it in our warehouses located on the east coast and the west coast of the US.  We use a software program to connect your website to our system, and when an order comes in to the website from a customer inside the United States, we will use our employees to process that order.  We will calculate the distance from each of our warehouses to the customer address, then pull the order from the inventory at that location.  We will pack the order and arrange for transportation from that location, which will allow you to pay the minimum for shipping on every order, as well as having it delivered in the minimum amount of time.  This will not only make you money on every order placed, but also make your customers happy by getting them their delivery in a matter of days instead of weeks.  If the promised timeframe is 5 days for delivery, it will usually get there in around 3, making your customers happy about their transaction.  If you charge the flat rate which would cover transportation across the entire US, then deliver each and every order from a warehouse that is only half way across the US from the customer, you will pay a lowered rate every time and yet charge the customer for the higher rate, increasing your profit on every order.  You will pay a fee to us per order, but that fee will generally be completely offset by your ongoing savings, and you get to operate exactly like all of your USA competitors.  When youa re ready to take your business to the next level, contact Ship My Orders, your new USA fulfillment company.