Fulfillment Company USA

WorkingFor foreign businesses who operate outside of the United States, yet sell products to customers within the United States, there are significant challenges standing in the way of successful operations as far as ecommerce.  Even though shopping on the web has lead to an entirely new world as far as hiving the ability to purchase products directly from vendors outside of the United States through their websites, the actual logistics of getting the products to the customer’s doors for a reasonable price becomes difficult.  The prices that are charged for the products themselves may be unable to absorb the costs associated with shipping from overseas into the US, and when shipping charges are added to the order the customer immediately notices an astronomical addition of cost to the order, many times with shipping actually accounting for far more of the price than the actual product.  It is difficult for foreign merchants to secure loyal customers willing to purchase again and again as the easy comparison for like products from US merchants will usually reduce any loyalty that a customer has to your brand.

Luckily there are fulfillment companies in the USA like Ship My Orders who have the ability to warehouse your products within a rented area of their locations, and provide onsite shipping and fulfillment services to your company from within the boundaries of the USA.  The way it works is through an online interaction between your ecommerce system on your website and the computers at Ship My Orders.  When an order gets placed on your website and is to be delivered to a customer within the United States, the information is transmitted to the Ship My Orders team who then picks the order from your inventory on hand, packs and ships the order directly to the US customer.  Due to the fact that the order itself is being originated from within the US and being delivered to a US address, the shipping charges that are associated with the transport of the order are generally quite small compared to if the order originated overseas.  In addition to the cost savings, the transport time is generally somewhere between 2 and 5 days to the customer’s door, eliminating weeks of transport time if the order came from another country.

Through the combination of cheaper shipping charges and decreased shipping times, your business acts exactly like any other US business, providing superior products for prices that are competitive.  There is no reason for your business to not be able to compete with domestic businesses with regards to price when you have options at your disposal like our USA fulfillment programs.  In many cases, the savings to your bottom line can be thousands of dollars each year which can be passed off to your customers or simply added to your profit.  No matter what, Ship My Orders is a great addition to your business in that we provide the fulfillment services and allow you to concentrate on the business of selling your products.  Contact Ship My Orders today to find out more information.