Fulfillment Company

Goods On Conveyor Belt In Distribution WarehouseThe growth of a business has many levels that can be described as “growing pains” where a decision must be made that will potentially impact the business in a positive way, but also causes a certain amount of discomfort.  The pain experienced from the growth cycle is generally in a monetary form, in that a new expense must be considered in order to get the business to the next level, even if the expense is not completely without pain at this point.  It is simply one of the facts of life within the business growth cycle, that as your business expands and gets bigger, you are going to have to take on greater expenses in the form of employees, leases, inventory and all of the other aspects of a larger business.  One of the most painful aspects of the growth cycle is the acquiring of larger spaces and inventories in order to warehouse merchandise and more employees in order to get the inventory which is purchased to the customers.  In the online shopping world, this is especially hard to deal with as online merchants are all about saving money through automation and passing these savings off to customers.  The fact that you do not need an actual store in the form of a brick and mortar space to sell to customers makes the necessity of having warehouses and employees to fulfill the orders quite difficult.  This is where fulfillment companies liek Ship My Orders solve the growth pain issues.

Ship My Orders is a specialized fulfillment company that utilizes software to communicate directly with your online shopping cart software.  When a customer places an order, you are notified as you typically would be, but additionally the Ship My Orders team is notified of the order so as to process and ship it to your customers.  Within our system, we inventory your merchandise in our warehouses within a space that is rented, thus allowing you to cut costs by not having to secure an entire warehouse yourself, and our employees pick, pack and ship the order to your customers after receiving the confirmation of the order from your software.  Our system communicates directly with the major shopping cart ecommerce platforms that are utilized today, and even if you have a custom system built we can create the software to provide the communication necessary.  Our employees act as your employees to fulfill the orders to your customers in the methods you specify, utilizing the shippers that are best suited to your business plan.  We take the physical aspects of the shipping and fulfillment process away from your responsibilities in order to allow you to concentrate on growing your business.  We can scale the account to any level you need, and the fees we charge are dictated by the amount of orders that are shipped each month.

Shipping fulfillment companies like our take on the heavy lifting so that you do not have to, and allow you to not have the long term commitments that come with renting physical spaces and employing people.  We allow you to remain an actual virtual store.