Fulfillment For East Coast And West Coast Customers

Are you looking for ways to cut your shipping costs down on your orders that are placed on your website? The best place to start is probably by engaging the services of a fulfillment company like Ship My Orders, if you have not already.  What we do is simple, we take the inventory that you would typically store in your own warehouses and process using your own staff, and we do it for you using our warehouses and staff.  This not only removes the responsibilities of trying to predict future sales and warehouse space requirements as well as employee management, it also allows you to reduce costs.  The way this happens is that because you are now having your orders processed within a cooperative environment and are not footing the entire bill yourself, the fees you will be paying for the service are generally cheaper than if you tried to cover all the costs yourself.  It also allows you to become truly virtual and concentrate on growing your sales instead of managing your employees.  However the potentially most crucial element to this scenario that will save you money is that you can position your inventory in our east coast and west coast warehouses.

By using a dual warehouse setup, each and every order that is processed on your website will be shipped from the warehouse closest to the customer that has inventory available to fulfill the order.  By using this system, the shipping charges that you will be charged by FEDEX and UPS will be lower than if you processed the order from a warehouse on the other side of the country.  The customer will also generally get the order in 2 or 3 days instead of 5.  This is important for building customer loyalty, and ensuring future orders.  It also saves you money on every order placed which can be applied to your bottom line through charging a flat fee for shipping that covers the highest potential fee or providing lower prices to your customers by allowing them to cover the shipping charges themselves directly.  Whatever your business model, you can be assured that by placing your inventory in an east coast warehouse and a west coast warehouse you will be streamlining the process, creating happy customers and saving money.

So what happens if the inventory is not available in the warehouse that is closest to the customer? That is easy, the order will simply be fulfilled from the other warehouse.  By allowing inventory to be positioned at two warehouses you not only save money on every order but also avoid situations where inventory is not on hand to fulfill the order immediately.  Make no mistake, there is no better solution than the dual warehouse setup.  Since your orders are processed through a centralized system within our business, we will be able to make the best decision with each and every order to get your customers their orders in the fastest time and for the lowest price.  Contact our sales reps today to find out more about our dual warehouse system.