Fulfillment From The United States

man in warehouseOne of the biggest issues with businesses outside of the United States is that they have difficulty selling their merchandise to US customers. The reason for this is not what you would typically think, but it is based on how much the order costs a US customer to ultimately have delivered to their home after they order it. Many US customers would love to purchase merchandise from overseas companies due to the significantly lower prices that can be offered, but by the time they finally check out they notice that the shipping charges can potentially double the sots of the order, if not more. This is due to the fact that the shipping companies will generally charge based upon the distance they have to transport the items, and if it is coming from a warehouse outside of the US and being delivered to a customer inside the US, the shipping charges are significantly higher than the customer generally expects when compared to orders they place through US businesses. The answer is simple, ship your orders from inside the US.

Ship My Orders is a fulfillment company inside the United States, with two warehouses located in Las Vegas NV and Nashville TN. These warehouses are strategically located to be able to provide shipping of merchandise to customers on each coast using the shortest transport distance available. The way the system works is simple, your ecommerce software that notifies you when an order is placed also notifies our employees in our warehouses. The order is processed from the warehouse nearest to the customer, and the shipping charges are reduced significantly from what they would be if you tried to ship from your own warehouse outside of the US. You can either apply the savings to your bottom line or pass the savings off to your customers, helping you build up your business by creating happier customers with each order. They will also be thrilled to get their order within days instead of weeks as well.

Ship My Orders is one of the most respected fulfillment companies in the United States, providing services for both businesses inside the US and outside. Our clients who choose to utilize our services from inside the US will often be doing so in order to not have to pay the expenses of warehousing and employees, using our employees instead to do all of the manual processing. This allows them to be completely virtual, and not have any actual physical spaces that they need to pay for in order to be in business. While this is also a benefit to businesses located outside of the US, the added benefit to them is that they can also compete with the order costs that are provided by US businesses selling the same things. By creating a situation where the shipping rates are competitive, many companies outside of the US can then win the war of competition by charging less for their merchandise, allowing the customer to pay less for the total order.