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What is the Difference Between 3PL vs Freight Broker?

As your business expands and your clientele builds with it, you’ll find yourself juggling more packages than you know how to handle. The more shipments you need to make, the more expensive it becomes. Finding a reliable carrier on your own is tricky when you have not made connections among the various carrier companies out […]

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How to Pick the Location of Your American Order Fulfillment Company

fulfillment center location

If you’re having long shipping times for your American consumers, you might be looking into setting up a fulfillment center stateside. Two-day shipping is quickly becoming the norm, and more consumers expect it to also be free. This can be hard to handle on your own, but choosing the right fulfillment company and location can help […]

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Fulfillment Center Las Vegas

Does your ecommerce business service customers on the west coast of the United States? If so, do you a dedicated west coast fulfillment center? Ship My Orders’ west coast center is located in Las Vegas, NV. The reasoning behind the placement of a fulfillment warehouse in Las Vegas is simple. The location was specifically chosen […]

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Bi-Coastal Warehouses For Faster And Cheaper Shipping

Ship My Orders operates from two warehouses in the United States, one on the west coast in Las Vegas NV and the other in Nashville TN to serve the east coast.  These warehouses are strategically positioned along the major shipping routes in order to assure fast and inexpensive delivery of goods shipped from that warehouse […]

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Why Use A West Coast Fulfillment Center?

Do you sell to customers on the West Coast of the United States (or would like to?) If you do, then in order to get products delivered to these customers in the fastest and cheapest way possible is by having a warehouse that is located on the West Coast, near them. Provide the Best Service […]

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