Why We Have Fulfillment Locations In Nashville And Las Vegas

One of the commonly asked questions is why we have multiple locations for our warehouses, and why we chose the locations of Nashville and Las Vegas to serve as the warehouses we ship from.  To answer this question you have to think about the country, as well as how much time and money it costs to ship things from one location to another within the United States.  These calculations come from the most standard shipping methods of UPS, FEDEX and USPS.  Essentially, each of these methods of transporting packages has multiple levels of cost associated with how far the item has to travel and how fast you want it there.  The most inexpensive method through these services is generally a ground transport that takes about five days to go from coast to coast in the US.  This means that if you have a package that leaves Boston and is going to Los Angeles, it will take about five days and cost a certain amount of money.  If you wanted it there in three days it would cost more, and overnight it would cost even more.  There are two ways to reduce these costs, that must be paid on every package sent from our warehouses to a customer location.  First, you can extend the shipping time as much as is allowable (generally five days being the maximum) or you can reduce the amount of distance that must be traveled.  This means that if the warehouse is closer to the customer than a coast to coast trip, it will generally get delivered in a faster time than five days and for a cheaper amount.  This is the basis for us positioning our customer’s inventory in Nashville and in Las Vegas, because of their positioning within the country itself.

Both the east coast and the west coast of the US can be looked at as serving half the country.  If you position a warehouse in the center of the western portion of the country and another warehouse within the center of the eastern portion, then even those warehouses can cut down on the distance to customer homes.  In these cases, even the warehouse that serves the east coast is only going to have to travel about half of the distance of the eastern portion of the US, and the same is said for the west coast.  With this dual warehouse setup, we can essentially cut the travel distances down to about a quarter of the total potential travel distance coast to coast on every order that is placed.  By positioning inventory in both our east coast warehouse and our west coast warehouse, you can delight your customers by quoting five day shipping and in most cases their package is delivered in two or three.  Each and every order will also be at a reduced shipping price, which can be worked into your business plan as profit, or it can be sent back to the customers as savings.  Either way, our Nashville fulfillment services and our Las Vegas fulfillment services are good for you and your customers.