Fulfillment, Logistics and Inventory Management

Smart business owners are always looking for a few crucial things to improve their businesses.  They are seeking ways to expand sales, ways to reduce expenses and ways to minimize the complications of running the business itself.  While this is completely obvious, the ways to solve these issues elude many owners, who continue to struggle doing the same things day in and out.  A perfect example is the physical location of a store, which used to be perceived as the only way to make sales to customers.  The expenses of maintaining a physical location as well as a sales staff added to the prices that needed to be charged to consumers for the products they purchased, driving prices up and creating situations where prices were tied directly to the cost of living in a specific area.  Ecommerce and the internet leveled the playing field, making it possible to shop from stores located anywhere in the world, and benefit from the cost of living being cheaper in some areas than others.  Merchants who figured out how to reduce the amount of staff necessary to sell a product, and reduce the physical locations necessary to house those products, benefited from sales online to a worldwide audience.  They could compete with other stores by offering lower prices while still maintaining a profit margin by eliminating the aspects that were once believed to be indispensable.  The evolution of the shopping experience still had one drawback, that the actual orders needed to be processed by an employee staff from a warehouse that needed to be managed, so even though you had reduced costs, there were still issues with the process that drove prices up.  This is where the next evolution in the process was born, fulfillment, logistics and inventory management by third party companies.

Ship My Orders is a fulfillment company, meaning that they take on the responsibility of managing your inventory in their warehouses, and fulfilling your orders using their staff.  This is accomplished using a software that allows the orders placed on your website through your shopping cart or order management system like Shopify, Woocommerce, X Cart and a multitude of other systems.  The orders that are placed by your customers are routed to the appropriate warehouse to be pulled and processed from inventory that is stored at the location.  This allows you no not need to operate a warehouse and staff of your own, and instead have it be completely handled by a third party.  You will no longer be tied to potentially over or under buying warehouse space based on speculated sales figures, nor will you need to maintain a staff.  You are charged only for the space you use within their warehouses, and are charged a per order fee and a warehousing fee.  This nearly always works out to save money over attempting to operate the system yourself, and it also allows you to position your inventory closer to your customers, thus saving on shipping charges for every order processed.  Are you ready to take the next step in the evolution of sales? Call us today.