Fulfillment Services For Business

Goods On Conveyor Belt In Distribution WarehouseBusinesses that engage in the shipping of products to customers have multiple choices for their fulfillment strategy.  The most obvious fulfillment strategy is an integrated system of order processing and warehouse management, where a customer would order products for shipping through either a website, brick and mortar location or on the telephone.  This order would then be processed through the in-house system to the fulfillment warehouse which is owned and operated by the business who also manufactures or sells the products.  The staff of the warehouse would receive this order, pick the order from the inventory on hand (or process an “out-of-stock” update which would be returned to the customer through the inventory management system) then proceed to pack and ship the order.  The type of transport that is decided upon by the customer dictates the method of delivery, usually via USPS, FEDEX or UPS depending on cost and time necessity options that are available.  Needless to say, this is a large undertaking for most businesses, and the options of managing, staffing and operating inventory stored in owned warehouses is available to only the largest of businesses.  Most smaller operators are in need of different, less costly options.

Another option available to the smaller operator is running the order process from the same place that the warehouse is located, essentially combining the corporate offices, the sales offices, the front-of-house and the warehouse all into a single facility.  In this case, the same personnel who are taking the orders are probably doing the picking, packing and shipping duties.  Once again, an observer can easily see how scale issues can become problems quite quickly.

The best option for most businesses is utilizing the services of a dedicated fulfillment warehouse like Ship My Orders.  We are in the business of maintaining inventory on your part, and utilizing our staff to pick, pack and ship orders placed through your ordering system and transmitted to us via the internet.  With our services, you do not have to pay the expenses of your own warehouse, nor do you have to use your own staff to process and ship the orders.  Because the warehouses that we utilize are also utilized by other businesses just like yours, you do not pay the entire cost and instead are only responsible for your share of the footage to store your products and the services of our staff to fulfill the orders using the methods that you specify.  The ability to work on both small and large scales give you the ability to grow when necessary without renegotiating, staffing and so forth.  Our services also allow you to position your inventory closer to your customers as we operate multiple warehouses in Las Vegas and Nashville, so as to cover Eastern and Western markets more effectively.  This geographic positioning allows us to reduce actual shipping costs to your customers, as well as keep timeframes shorter.

Contact us for a custom quote on your shipping fulfillment needs, and our staff will be happy to discuss your options with you.  We look forward to being your choice in order fulfillment, and hope to hear from you soon.